We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and shared enthusiasm.

Personal and professional

We’re a small consultancy and determined to stay that way. It means we can provide a highly personal service for a select group of clients. Unlike most agencies, we’ll never delegate work to junior staff who lack the experience or business understanding to grasp your issues. Because every aspect of our work is undertaken by seasoned professionals, we work effectively and quickly, giving you quality input at every stage.

Focused on results

At the start of every project we agree the criteria for success and how it will be measured. At every stage we check that our performance meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. At the end of each project results are evaluated and reviewed. We understand that time is money and never waste it. If a project is completed ahead of schedule we’ll tell you – guaranteeing value for your investment. At the same time, we’re assertive in pursuing our clients’ best interests. If we see an opportunity to advance your case, we’ll take it.

Flexible in approach

We’re frequently asked if an agency our size can handle all of a client’s communication requirements. It depends, of course, on the size of the task in hand. In many cases we are directly responsible for designing and implementing the whole programme. In others, after developing the communications strategy and creating the programmes, we will oversee and manage implementation through in-house teams or other agencies.


When a project requires other areas of expertise or an extra pair of hands, these are available through a network of independent communication specialists. At all times their work is supervised and quality controlled by Annie Garthwaite, giving you the security of dealing with one individual on whom you can depend. This network is available as and when you need it. So you don’t pay for it if you don’t use it. Maintaining low overheads means we can work cost efficiently on your behalf.

Open and honest

When you work with Annie Garthwaite Communications you’ll receive considered advice based on professional expertise and hard won experience. We are always open and honest in our dealings. We set realistic targets, resisting the temptation to over-promise to secure business. At the start of every project we’ll establish budgets and stick to them. We’ll minute every meeting and report progress every month, so you can see what’s been achieved and how we’re performing to budget.